Organizations need a sophisticated workforce that understands cyber compliance and can expertly deliver a precision engineered security architecture.


Our platform delivers individual tasking to existing personnel and drives a living security roadmap aligned with industry compliance requirements.
This is security service delivery on-demand.
We help you become
A secure security company

Discover, Protect and Evidence Your Security State

Overwhelmed with a myriad of security options and projects? Use FortMesa to discover your assets, find vulnerabilities, and deploy essential or advanced security architectures across your environments. 

Asset & Vulnerability Discovery

Use a combination of best in class security discovery techniques to find assets everywhere. Identify software vulnerabilities that leave you open to attack.

Simple Security Education & Documentation

Assess risk. Educate stakeholders on how security investments relate to industry and regulatory compliance requirements and goals.

Business Integrated & Aligned Security

Tailor a right-sized security plan. Task your team to remediate issues. Implement new security measures using integrated issue ticketing and just-in-time nudges.

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Use Your Existing Team to Deliver Valuable Security Services In-House

Make cyber security and compliance simple and easy — from business information and asset discovery, to vulnerability remediation and control deployments.

FortMesa puts guiderails on cybersecurity program management business processes and features a “GPS-like” user experience that enables your organization to quickly and effectively deliver cybersecurity services.

Trustmark Certification

The FortMesa Trustmark measures security velocity and is awarded quickly to organizations upon making a security commitment.Trustmarks are maintained by continuing to take action on security goals.

Business Aligned Security Strategy

Right-size and align security targets. Risk management is anchored to business leaders, processes, organizational units, and regulatory targets.

Asset Discovery & Inventory

Discover and inventory devices, software, data and third-party shadow IT. Assign them to business and IT stakeholders.

Vulnerability Management

Automatically find software vulnerabilities, what business processes are affected, and assign remediation task orders to service delivery engineers.

Compliance Strategy

Deploy a comprehensive control architecture aligned with security goals mapped to industry compliance frameworks like NIST CSF, CMMC and HIPAA.

Service Desk & Operations Management

Manage and track stateful security issue progress using a built-in service desk that integrates with enterprise issue management and service delivery software.

Security Documentation

Do more with your team, boosting your profit margins and allowing you to expand without growing your talent pool.

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