Own your customer's cybersecurity roadmap

Your customers need more security

Your customers need more cyber protection against today’s threats, but they are hesitant to invest.

Overcome cyber buying resistance

FortMesa shows your customers what security they have, what they need, and the road they will take to get it.

An MSP MSSP Cyber journey

The story about finding cybersecurity success with your existing client.

Beat 1

Your clients want to know they are safe from cyberattack but appear happy with their current IT investment.

Times change, you think they they need more protection, but they resist further cyber spending.

“Why pay more for cybersecurity if it makes no promises and increases cost?”

Do they not have spending appetite or is it the wrong sale?

2022 SMB Cyber Survey
"My organization has reached tipping point that demands cyber action, more cyber spending over next year"
3 out of 4 SMBs

Beat 2
The inciting

Your client’s bookkeeping computer was trashed trashed by malware that snuck past endpoint protection last month.

You get the call Thursday at 5 PM because payroll is due Friday.

After an emergency wipe and restore the customer has only lost a week of reconciliations, but you lost your evening. 

2022 SMB Cyber Survey
"Plan to change MSPs in the near-future"
1 out of 2 SMBs

Beat 3
the stakes

Client pressures for cyber urgency

  • An Incident
  • Insurance or Third-party Risk Requirement
  • Government or customer contract
2022 SMB Cyber Survey
"Would consider a new MSP that offered the right cybersecurity solution"
19 out of 20 SMBs

Beat 4
the main event

Last quarter you told your client:

“Emergency security incident response and support for security questionnaires is only available to clients with the advanced security upgrade.”

This month they need a form for the insurer filled out so they’re ready to upgrade.

A few clicks and your customer is now configured on your “advanced security” bundle.

You kick up your feet and finish your coffee, FortMesa will take over.

Did you know?

A “Plan of Action and Milestones” (POAM) is available instantly via FortMesa’s dashboard.

Your promise to execute a series of specific security tasks is enough to satisfy most outside due diligence processes.

Beat 5

The FortMesa Trustmark is available within 24 hours.

Your engineers are tasked over the next 12 months to raise the castle walls.

Your tactical cyber risk team begins monitoring this client’s cyber posturing along with other clients that have already upgraded.

FortMesa Trustmark

Your client received the FortMesa Trustmark and documentary evidence of current and future security state. Your customer renewal is guaranteed.

You’ve joined the ranks of MSP cybersecurity leaders by successfully selling and delivering an advanced cybersecurity offering. Your profitability soars vs competitors who outsource this activity to other firms.

Own your customer's cybersecurity roadmap
Continuously adaptive cyber risk assessment, vulnerability remediation, and security planning based on industry compliance standards and leading vulnerability feeds.

Continuous risk assessment & vulnerability management


Bundle, sell & deliver advanced tiers of security

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We were pretty good at patching ... antivirus and EDR and were just starting to get intimidated by compliance and frameworks.

A trusted advisor pointed us toward FortMesa... it was an immediate win.

We're glad it [FortMesa] found us, and we're happy to share the word.

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