FortMesa, a channel-only solution, is built to simplify cybersecurity service delivery and empower service providers.

Since 2019, FortMesa’s software has enabled service providers all over the world to own their customer’s cybersecurity roadmap by making service delivery, evidencing, and planning easy. FortMesa helps to grow customer trust, fortify systems, and navigate cyber compliance.

For IT providers that want to deliver more cybersecurity, FortMesa’s platform helps build and scale cyber businesses.

Leadership Team

Matthew Fisch, CISSP

Co-Founder, CEO

After working with and eventually running his own MSP, Matthew pursued his CISSP credential. He later managed a cyber advisory before founding FortMesa to simplify security delivery for all service providers. Matthew shares five kids with co-parents and relishes exploring both the depths of the forest and pre-industrial food traditions. He attributes his inspiration for security innovation to the brief period he spent living in a cave.

Zachary Keeney

Co-Founder, Channel Sales Director

Zach began his career in restaurant operations, constructing high-level, culturally robust, and efficient systems and teams. After owning his restaurant franchise, he returned to education in the technology realm with the aim of influencing the intersection of people, technology, and government. In 2023, Zach ranked in the top 2% of Spotify music listeners, tallying over 75,000 minutes, and he adores his two cats. If you’re searching for Zach during his free time, you might find him wandering in nature, engrossed in a strategy game, or amassing Spotify minutes at the gym.

Danny Swett

Co-Founder, Technical Product Architect

Danny is a technology wizard who can name the code, the tech, or the machine—Danny can handle it all. As FortMesa’s technology specialist, he spends his free time challenging himself to learn more, relishing in losing himself in complex projects. Danny adores his two dogs and brings both a gentle and sharp energy to the team. If you need Danny, you’ll find him with his dogs, tinkering away in Florida, solving all sorts of tech problems.

Robert Carselle

Advisory Board Member

Rob has been part of the “channel” as a VAR, integrator, MSP, and vCIO for over 30 years. As a founding partner of First Tracks Technology, he has enjoyed working with customers to develop IT solutions that help their businesses grow. Passionate about IT and working with an excellent team, Rob continues to find “fun” in all things MSP and cyber. When not in the office, Rob enjoys skiing on water or snow, riding trails, or planning his next adventure with his wife or boys. Along with his business partner and friend Josh Patton, Rob and Josh plan on laying down “First Tracks” in the snow and business worlds for many years to come.

Wayne Miller

Advisory Board Chair

Wayne is an angel investor integral to the Hudson Valley Startup Fund, showcases both financial prowess and musical talent as a percussionist in a local band. His advisory spans product development, market analysis, and investor engagement, drawing from diverse expertise in software, insurance, and sports wagering. Wayne’s passion for nurturing startups mirrors his rhythmic precision in music, offering a blend of strategic insight and creative flair in his multifaceted endeavors.

Tim Schnurr

Board Member

Tim boasts extensive experience from the Big 4 in Cybersecurity, AI, Crypto, and Analytics solution development, aiding clients in overcoming risk, compliance, and operational hurdles. He’s an avid podcast listener, particularly drawn to emerging tech, self-improvement, and exponential advancements. Outside work, Tim enjoys skiing, brewing beer, and dreams of achieving a sub-90 score on a golf course.

Lizbeth Garcia

Digital Marketing Manager

Liz is the Digital Marketing Manager at FortMesa. Prior to her time at FortMesa, she was working as a Business Development Rep in various fields. Now, she’s living the nomad life, learning about UX Design and cybersecurity, the creative projects really light her up. When she’s not in digital mode, Liz is out hiking, jet-setting to new places, and hanging out in cozy coffee spots, brewing up ideas for her next trip.

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