FortMesa is a security enablement toolset for IT service providers (MSPs, MSSPs, VCISOs, Pen Testing Advisors) to initiate cyber roadmaps and maintain continuous compliance. We dont just want to help your customers achieve cybersecurity standards. We want to inform and assist the customers cybersecurity investment decision making process so that they are getting the most risk reduction for each dollar spent and/or hour of labor invested.

We are on a mission to secure organizations. As adversaries innovate, they will use automation and Saas tools to exploit your customer’s weaknesses and ransomware their systems. We can help your team remediate obvious gaps, bolster cybersecurity posture, and build the most important security assets, security knowledge and security culture. Reach out to FortMesa to transform your teams security brand and reputation among peers. 

Leadership Team

Matthew Fisch, CISSP

Co-Founder, CEO

Zachary Keeney

Co-Founder, Channel Sales Director

Danny Swett

Co-Founder, Technical Product Architect

Wayne Miller

Advisory Board Chair

Robert Carselle

Advisory Board Member

Tim Schnurr

Board Member

Vested Advisory

Mach37 Cyber Accelerator

Cutting Edge Capital