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Security Right-sized for your Organization
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Small businesses with no IT staff

Growing organizations with some IT resources

Mature organizations with dedicated security workers

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and your security starting point

Formalizing the Foundations of Security

Comprehensive security across the organization

Tuning for security effectiveness

Formalizing the foundations of  security

Comprehensive security across the organization

Tuning for  security effectiveness

enable your existing workforce to deliver security services
App-Simple Security Workflows
How do we fit 8 years of security training into an app?

Security engineering is the science of borrowing safety from places of high trust to protect things you trust less. Modern zero trust architectures make extensive use of this model, but there is a limit to what is cost justifiable.

Cybersecurity requires combining security engineering actions with actuarial risk management to make sure resources are directed at the most valuable security targets.

FortMesa builds a model of your organization's security state, then tasks and prioritizes specific protective actions that have been proven to eliminate or reduce most cyber losses.

We help you get the most security value out of the fewest security resources.

evidence your overall security strategy
Navigate the complex world of compliance

Map to industry standard frameworks like NIST, ISO, PCI-DSS and HIPAA

Map your security to common frameworks

Document your cyber risk posturing

Attain FortMesa Trustmark Certification

ISO 27000

NIST 800-53


NIST 800-171

UK Cyber Essentials


Plans & Features
discovery Plan
Best for smaller organizations looking to rapidly reduce risk


Foundations For rapid security Change

Discovery Tier Capabilities

Right-size your organization’s security target using a self-tuning set of best practices.

Continuously identify and remediate a comprehensive inventory of cybersecurity risks faced by your organization.

Redefine vulnerability management with a team-based and business-aware workflow for remediation and risk acceptance.

Create a culture of security and accountability by documenting dotted lines between individuals, business processes, and security risks.

Establish a formalized security program with a defined mission and documented executive mandate.

Discover and track a complete cyber asset inventory that includes data held by third parties.

advanced Plan
Best for organizations that need to evidence their security commitment


Streamline And Evidence Team Compliance

Advanced Tier Adds

Reassure others with a security certification that evidences continuous improvement in information security.

A comprehensive set of security documentation that evidences the breadth of your security program.
Comply with NIST, ISO, PCI-DSS, HIPAA and other regulatory and industry standards using a built-in multi-framework compliance engine.
Hunt through and task from an inventory of security improvements to create meaningful security projects for your team.
enterprise Plan
For organizations that require comprehensive or dedicated security resourcing


Security Orchestration For Your Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Functionality

FortMesa’s proven security success on-boarding process will help your organization build internal competencies, then check in with your team over time to make sure you continue to achieve security excellence.

An always up-to-date cyber posturing report helps your organization assess cyber risk at any point in time, and provide this assessment documentation to stakeholders.

Sync your FortMesa security issue tickets with an external enterprise issue ticketing system.

SAML federation with your organization’s existing authentication directory.

Access to the FortMesa open access APIs and FortMesa SDK for data integrations.

** Vulnerability Management Requires Sensor

Use the FortMesa VM Agent
FortMesa's VM Sensor finds issues discovered by security researchers worldwide and is available for Windows/Mac/Linux.

Bring your own scanner? That's free.
Already have a vulnerability tool? FortMesa integrates data from best-in-industry tools using cloud connectors and on-premise integration kits.