FortMesa for Business

Simple and easy cybersecurity for small organizations.

Security is hard

Complex technology and insider jargon makes securing systems a job for experts, yet regular people are the ones manning the castle walls of your organization.

Cyber software for regular people

FortMesa lowers the skill bar in cybersecurity by arming stakeholders across the organization with easy to understand tools.

Business Features

Security made simple

A suite of best practice cyber risk management and security operations tools that help organizations eliminate the most risk with the fewest actions and resources.

Asset Inventory

You can’t protect what you don’t know about. Discover, track and manage a full inventory of devices, software, vendors and data that your organization depends on.

Vulnerability Management

Unleash multi-stakeholder teams to manage your organization’s vulnerabilities in real-time according to custom risk acceptance thresholds.

Control Framework

 Right-size your organization’s security using a self-tuning set of best practices.

Compliance Mapping

Comply with NIST, ISO, PCI-DSS, HIPAA and other regulatory and industry standards using a built-in multi-framework compliance engine.

Security Documentation

A comprehensive set of security documentation that evidence and insights to leadership and other stakeholders.

Trustmark Certification

Reassure customers with a security certification that evidences continuous improvement in information security.

Continuous Risk Assessment & Management

Comprehensively identify and remediate cybersecurity risks faced by your organization.

Security Issue Tracking

Identify the most important security issues currently faced by your organization and task individuals and teams with solving them.

Stakeholder-based Accountability

 Create a culture of security and individual accountability by documenting relationships between individuals, business processes, cyber assets, and the security risks that affect them.

Working with an MSP?

FortMesa for Service Providers is built with you in mind -- ask your MSP about adding FortMesa.

Technology Integrations

Great for organizations without a dedicated security team 

FortMesa’s accessible security program management provides the low-friction approach your team needs to independently make and maintain fast security improvements.

Right-sized Security Management

Fill the cyber talent gap in your team and save 10x over alternatives.